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Quarter Final Handicap Report

Roydon 9 v 10 Weybread Rejects

Roydon - Alan Connelly (2), Trevor Cottee (5), Nigel Manning (2)

Weybread - Mark Durham (3), Greg Collett (3), James Skilleter (4)


An exciting match, which saw the Rejects win the last 3 legs to

snatch victory 10-9.

After 6 games the match score was 6-6, but Cottee beat Skilleter

25-4, 25-23 to take a slender lead 8-6. Collett shared two very

close legs with Alan Connelly 25-23, 24-25 making the score 9-7.

The last games were Skilleter v Manning who had a 11 point start

which James overcame comfortably 25-20, 25-20 setting up the

deciding leg.

Cottee represented Roydon and Skilleter stayed on for the Rejects.

Cottee, with a 15 point start, soon lost his advantage, as Skilleter

came forward and attacked. Skilleter eventually won 25-21.


A good win for the Rejects who still have a chance of defending their

title in the final if they can get through the semis.

Handicap Reports
First Round Match 5. Handicap Reports. week commencing 7th March 2011

Dickleburgh 7 - 11 Weybread Rejects

Jack Chenery (2), Richard Chenery (3), Martin Wilby (2)
Mark Durham (3), Greg Collett (4), James Skilleter (4)

A credit to the Dickleburgh team for making this a good match. Some high handicaps were made up by the Rejects team.

Ten year old Richard Chenery will definitely be a player of the future... watch this space !

Palgrave Stars 10   v   Shotguns E  8

This was an exciting match with Tom Bailey winning his final leg against Robin Shaw to avoid a play off.

All the games were hard fought but Terry Rayners contribution of 5 games was crucial.

Holly for Shotguns was very consistent winning 4 out of her 6 legs.

First Round Match 4. Handicap reports. week commencing 21st February 2011
Handicap Competition Withdrawal.
Please note that due to circumstances beyond their control, Shotguns F have withdrawn from the handicap competition. Any games played against Shotguns F will be removed from the results and will not be included when deciding which teams go through to the next round.

Shotguns'C' 11 v 7 Weybread Rejects

Marcus Hammond stole the show winning all his legs. Pete Bowman (3) and Ken Bowman (2) supported Hammond to victory.

Rejects' Greg Collett was below par due to a heavy cold but all Rejects players found the handicap deficits hard to make up.

A very enjoyable evening with Rejects giving it a good go but Shotguns deserved their win.

First Round, Match 3 Handicap Reports.week commencing 7th February 2011

Weybread Rejects 10 - 9 Shotguns 'D'

Rejects - Mark Durham (5), Greg Collett (3), James Skilleter (2)
Shotguns 'D' - Peter Evans (3), Trevor Goddard (3), Pat West (3)

An entertaining and enjoyable evening with all players contributing towards the result.
The match score stayed close throughout the match. Early signs saw the D team in control until Skilleter, losing 16-24 to West, came back to take the leg but narrowly lost the second 22-25.
Trevor Goddard's 13 start was too much for Greg Collett as was Peter Evan's 17 start over Skilleter, which saw the D team take all four legs.
With two games left Collett beat Evans 25-22, 25-21 coming back from 14 point deficit making the match score 8-8 with Skilleter to play Goddard. Goddard started 17-0 and cruised to a 25-5 point win in the first leg. However Skilleter ensured a draw but getting a good start in the second leg and eventually winning 25-21.
With scores tied Mark Durham took on Evans in the deciding leg. Starting 13 points down Durham got a good start and pulled the handicap back before Evans struck some winning shots although he ran out of steam and Durham pinched it 25-23.

Aslacton A 9  - Pulham  10

Aslacton: Nigel Bowen (won 3), David Barnard (won 3),John Bryant (won 3)

Pulham: Jason Evans (won 5),Francis Webb (won 3), Roger Crossfield (won 1)

A close match once again ending 9 - 9. Jason and John played the deciding leg with Jason coming out victorious winning 25-24. A well contested game played in good spirit that could have gone either way.

Pulham in spite of having to overcome their handicap are looking favourites to go through to the next round.

First Round, Match 2 Handicap Reports.week commencing 24th January 2011

Shotguns C 9 - Dickleburgh 10
Shotguns C: Peter Bowman (won 5) Marcus Hammond (won 4)
Dickleburgh: Jack Chenery (won 2) Richard Chenery Woods(won 1) Stuart Filmer (won 0)

A two man Shotguns C team were not quite good enough to get the better of Dickleburgh.Having to give 6 points away immediately and to overcome the handicap proved a little too much. The match closed at 9 - 9 and Richard Chenery Woods played Peter Bowman in the play off leg, winning 25 -21 to give Dickleburgh victory.

Shotguns A 8 - Palgrave Tornadoes 10

Palgrave: Dennis Sore, Alan Worthington and Ted Ling.
(Dennis won 4, Alan won 5 and Ted won 1)
Shotguns A: Jon Mortlock, Stuart Langridge and David Mortlock
(Jon won 2, Stuart won 2 and David won 4)

As with most Handicap matches, this was a very intriguing night of Table Tennis. Dennis was first up and matched Jon's attacking game with some good defensive shots, sharing the games at one game each. Alan against Stuart were on next with Stuart unable to overcome the Handicap difference of 15 points. However, David overcame his handicap against Ted to win both games. Dennis versus Stuart was the best match to watch with some great attacking shots from Stuart being returned by Dennis, who had one of his best matches, winning both games. Alan then had a very close match with David, who won the first game. Although in the second game David overcame the 10-point handicap to be level at 11 points each Alan went on to win it 25-23. Ted lost his first game to Jon, but then made a good comeback in the second to the share the games one all.

Overall a very close encounter.

Pulham V Palgrave Stars

Pulhams Team were Steve Pendle,Jason Evans and Francis Webb

Palgrave Stars Team were David Leeder,Tom Bailey and Terry Rayner

All players recorded 3 wins each,so Terrry Rayner and Steve Pendle played the decider which was narrowly won by Steve 25-23

First Round, Match 1 Handicap Reports.week commencing 10th January 2011

In the first round of handicap matches 5 of the 7 matches went to 9 all. Proving that the handicaps were pretty near the mark. The other two matches were 10 - 8 and 15 -3 (the exception).

Only two brief report were forthcoming:-

Palgrave Tornadoes  10   Thrandeston  8 .

Palgraves Team were Dennis Sore, Alan Worthington and Adam Cork.

(Dennis won 4, Alan won 5 and Adam won 1)

Thrandestons Team were Chris Willoughby, Peter Buck and John Pestell.

(Chris won 1, Peter won 4 and John won 3)

This was Adams first handicap competition.He played with great maturity winning that vital match to give his team the win.


Shotguns E   9  Aslacton A  10

Shotguns  Team were Holly Fleming, Paul Sturman and Robin Shaw.

(Holly won 3, Paul won 3 and Robin won 3)

Aslactons Team were Nigel Bowen, John Bryant and Joe Aldrich

(Nigel won 5, John won 2 and Joe won 2)

Nigel was the star of this enjoyable evening, which as well as winning 5 of his 6 matches he won the decider 25 - 23 against Holly.

The night had some excellent Table Tennis from all who played but the decider between Nigel and Holly saw both players producing some great rallys and stunning shots. It could have gone either way at 23 all but Nigel just had enough to get the win.

Holly played very well all evening although dropping the two legs against the experience of John.

John however was unable to overcome the handicap against Paul and Robin.

Overall this was a very close match that either team could have won.







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